Nuclear Innovation Conference 2024 June 5-6

Welcome to the InfoHub of the Nuclear Innovation Conference 2024. Here, you can pre-register for the NIC in 2024. In addition, you can find information about the previous edition in 2022, such as presentations, videos and photos taken at the conference and the EXPO.

On behalf of the organizing team,
Joost van den Broek,


Webinar on effectiveness of AMP's

At November 8, Robert Krivanek hosted a webinar on the effectiveness of Ageing Management Plan's (AMP's) and plant level AMP. You can watch the full episode below.

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NIC 2024: June 5-6!

We've set the date for the second edition of the Nuclear Innovation Conference. We hope to see you at June 5-6 for another energizing conference where we can meet, collaborate and share knowledge on nuclear energy. Pre-registration starts soon!

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End of the conference

It's done! The first edition of the Nuclear Innovation Conference has ended. Thank you so much for participating. We've enjoyed your enthusiasm, input, questions and remarks. All the presentations are online - download them in the 'Presentations' section. Soon, we will share more photos, the after movie and some final remarks. You will receive an […]

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Pictures day 1

As you may have seen, we have a photographer walking around. The first selection of pictures of day 1 is available right now in the 'Pictures' section. Go check it out! All the credits go to Jolanda Fisser.

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Start of day 2!

We are ready to start the second day of the Nuclear Innovation Conference. We hope you've enjoyed yesterday: the program as well as the social program afterwards. The trackleaders are ready to start and you can find them here: Auditorium: New Build SessionsTheater: LTO sessionsPanoramic room: Advanced sessions There are some small changes to the […]

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Presentations of today are available

Now the presentations are finished, we've made them available for you. Just go to the 'Presentations'-section, and you can download them. The final presentation of Arnold Stokking is available as well!

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The information hub is live!

This is the moment we have been waiting for: a digital get-together where we can exchange information of this event. You will find presentations that have been given, photos and videos, background to the organization of this event and lots more! Don't forget to take a look at the 'Attendees'-section, because we've created an overview to facilitate networking. Did we mention that the program is here as well?

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The full event-experience at NEMO Science Museum

We are hosting the Nuclear Innovation Conference (NIC) 2022 at the NEMO Science Museum in Amsterdam. The building is a striking, copper-green shape rising high above Amsterdam’s eastern docklands. The impressive futuristic building, designed by the Italian architect Renzo Piano and located in the center of Amsterdam, also offers access to the highest Rooftop Square […]

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